Mental health support for young people after pandemic: Preventative and early-intervention strategies needed in schools and colleges

Mental health support for young people after pandemic

The Education Policy Institute has examined aspects of mental health among secondary age children and linked these to social, demographic and other key factors and influencers.  They recommend that schools are given the resources to support mental health as well as more access to training, support and guidance. Recommendations relevant to schools and colleges: A […]

Ways to get online mental health support for teachers and students

We have put together a list of some of the online mental health resources that are available in the UK to support you and others in your community, profession or setting.  If you are thinking about ending your life or acting on thoughts of suicide, please call emergency services on 999 or The Samaritans on […]

Mental health in schools: Belonging is essential for well-being

There is a robust link between having a sense of safety, belonging and well-being and the student’s engagement and performance in education.  Research by UCL has found that having a sense of belonging at primary, secondary, FE & HE is a reliable predictor of attainment and is often lower among marginalised ethnic groups. There is evidence that the […]

Teachers’ mental health and wellbeing: Recent report reveals that we must act now

Teachers' mental health

 “It is time to start taking the mental health of our teachers and educators seriously.” – Education Support  The latest annual report of school and college wellbeing staff by Education Support has shown there is more work to do to protect the mental health of the education workforce. This survey was conducted in the middle of […]

Mental health facts in the UK: Mental health is created in communities

Mental health is created in communities UK Facts

The final report by the Centre for Mental Health, The Commission for Mental Health Equality, is a key reading for any education professional interested in improving mental health in their setting.  It firmly positions mental health as something beyond the individual but is something that is a collective good and a collective responsibility.  The report highlights […]

Summary of Mental Health & Wellbeing of England’s Children & Young People, 2020

Young people and childrens mental health in England

In this video we present an infographic on the key points from two key government reports: DfE State of the Nation report, into children & young people’s wellbeing, 2020 & NHS Digital Mental Health of C&YP Wave 1 follow up (2020): At Minds Ahead, we have developed a new and comprehensive school-based mental health […]