Shelly Masters

Shelly started working with young people as a youth leader in her synagogue as a teenager and continued throughout university as a mentor leading her to become a teacher with Teach First in 2008 after finishing her degree (BSc Psychology) at the The University of Leeds.  From 2015 she has been a Deputy Head of 6th Form supporting 16-19 vulnerable learners via the schools pastoral processes.  As a Psychology teacher whilst teaching about mental health as part of the exam modules and supporting vulnerable students she was aware of the need to open up the discussions about mental health at a younger age.  She started those discussions lower in the school via teaching Yr 9-11 about mental health through the citizenship classes at her school.  Shelly has also been an NQT and PGCE mentor and supported members of staff to improve department processes (such as data and marking) through whole CPD she has delivered.

Between teaching roles Shelly worked for Teach First Graduate Recruitment team and managed a team of recruiters working in the Yorkshire & Humber region looking for exceptional individuals for the Teach First programme.  In two of her summer breaks from teaching she co-led a team of 16 teachers from England to Uganda (2014) and Cambodia (2016) for create and run a teacher training programme for up to 150 teachers in country based on the needs and limited resources available.  Within this month the aim was to produce the best CPD possible for in country teachers whilst also supporting her team in their observations, effective coaching and feedback for the Ugandan and Cambodian teachers.

Shelly is the Learning and Development Manager at Minds Ahead and is excited to be part of a team that supports and enable educators to have a positive impact on young peoples mental health.